Oil & Gas Leases are Delaying Economic Growth

When oil and gas companies lease public lands, those lands are locked up for at least 10 years--deterring cleaner investments that would generate more jobs and economic growth.

Federal oil and gas leases on Western public lands total more than 22.1 million acres. That’s the size of Maine!

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America Doesn't Need To Sacrifice its Public Lands

America’s public lands support an outdoor industry that employs millions across the West. They also hold the potential to play a key role in our transition to clean energy and the good-paying jobs that come with it.

These sectors are growing -- oil and gas isn’t.


Outdoor Industry: 149,000

Clean Energy: 62,420

Oil and Gas: 28,836


Outdoor Industry: 35,000

Clean Energy: 12,365

Oil and Gas: 23,916


Outdoor Industry: 83,000

Clean Energy: 44,005

Oil and Gas: 11,479